Curriculum Design


“In my 30+ years in proprietary education, we’ve always struggled with teaching the soft skills that are so vital to preparing our students to secure jobs and build successful careers. I’ve tried a variety of different life skills programs and ThinkBuild Live Success is the very best I’ve found because:

  1. It’s targeted to the education level and abilities of the students in our segment
  2. It is very graphically appealing and the interactive workbook approach reinforces the learning process
  3. 3. The program can easily be divided up and spread over any program length—from orientation to job placement
  4. It is uniquely motivational.”
— Linda Weldon Vice President of Academic Affairs & Accreditation at Ultimate Medical Academy

“TBLS is the most powerful life-skills training program I have encountered in my ten years in the proprietary school industry. It gives students everything they need to succeed in school and in life.”

— Matthew Verratti Senior Vice President, Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy(UMA)


Ultimate Medical Academy, one of the leading medical career colleges in the U.S.


To develop a comprehensive student and career success program for a high-needs population, that would help increase both retention and job placement rates while improving students’ overall school experience.


ThinkBuildLive Success, a dynamic, three-part life and career skills program that empowers students to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Created with real-life challenges in mind, TBLS offers workable strategies and relevant, immediately applicable tools and resources to help students make the most of their innate abilities—allowing them to enjoy success in the classroom, at work, and in their personal lives.


ThinkBuildLive Success teaches to the individual’s strengths, utilizing existing skills to build a foundation for greater success in all areas of a student’s life. Beyond learning how to perform better academically, create effective routines, and find a good job, students have successfully applied the tools developed through the program, to often overlooked yet critical blocks to success, such as self-doubt and a lack of familial support. TBLS encourages students to take an active role in their own learning, growth and development; the engaging, interactive format gives them the opportunity to assess themselves, envision positive life changes and master new skills, evaluating their progress along the way.

TBLS can be customized for your school or organization.

“Elizabeth Kemler is a passionate and talented educator, curriculum developer and author. She is always a pleasure to work with. Her collaborative, detail-oriented and responsive interactions ensure timely delivery of project milestones and successful implementation of newly created curriculum materials.”

Amanda Lynne Smith Dean of Curriculum at Ultimate Medical Academy

“Key to her success in the communication field is the fact that Elizabeth is a superb communicator in her own right. Our students consistently reported that she provides a clear sense of both how skills can be improved and why they are important in both school and work. She has always worked well with faculty and brings passion and idealism to everything she does.”

John Osburn Associate Director of CONNECT at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

“Working with Elizabeth has always been inspiring. The most enduring quality I have come to appreciate about her is her resiliency – a determination and willingness to return to the project, curriculum, or situation in order to more fully manifest the intentions and goals originally articulated. At the same time, she is capable of adapting, re-evaluating, and transforming a set of intentions to more fully meet the needs of those being served.”

Eliza Ladd Theater Professor & TBLS Trainer

“I saw a dramatic improvement in the quality of both my presentation skills and content in a remarkably short period of time. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough.”

Thomas Zweifel CEO, Swiss Consulting Group & Professor, Columbia University

“I’d recommend Elizabeth to any company looking to improve the performance of their staff when it counts most – first impressions in front of customers, potential customers or investors!”

Todd Wiseman Senior Director of Sales & Business Development, KAYGEN