One of my great passions is music, which I write, record, and perform throughout New York and New England. I explore much of the same subject matter in my songwriting as I do in my educational work: finding ways of navigating challenging social and emotional terrain, while building a stronger sense of self. Music allows me to express ideas and share stories that illustrate many of the issues I tackle in my EQ curricula, but in a more personal way. You can learn more about my music and hear my recently released album at: (you can also find me on iTunes or Soundcloud).


“Elizabeth blew me away…her rich voice and the way she maneuvers it….her inflections, the emotion behind her words….she has such a unique talent…if I could sing like that I’d be singing all day.”

Priscilla Whitley of the Record Review

“Elizabeth’s voice is distinctive – earthy and emotional…her songs are full of passion and purpose, inspired by matters of the heart and subjects that matter. I love diving in and disappearing into her world.”

Beth Blatt, Founder, Hope Sings

Songs for a Cause

Songs for a Cause, a project of Hope Sings, is a benefit concert series designed to raise awareness of critical social issues facing women and children while raising funds for local organizations working to address those issues, and providing a venue for both emerging and established local artists committed to positive social change.


Our first concert benefited the amazing work of Hour Children, whose mission is to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community, reunify with their families, and build healthy, independent and secure lives. Learn more >

Our second concert for Girls Inc. Westchester was a huge success! We had a full house, great music, and the opportunity to let people know about the great work they’re doing. In addition to providing direct programs to girls, Girls Inc. Westchester provide resources for parents and educators; inform policymakers about girls’ issues; educate the media and the public about critical challenges facing girls; and teach the girls in our programs how to use their knowledge and strength to promote positive change for themselves and their communities. Great stuff!

What people had to say about our first SfC event:

“So very grateful!! I was sorry that I could not be there but there were rave reviews by all!”

Sister Tesa
(CNN Hero & Hour Children Founder)

“The musical recital was beyond beautiful. I don’t remember when music so touched my life.

I cried, laughed and had the chills. Your music was a great way to make us

aware…a great way to make a difference. We can’t thank all of you enough for bringing awareness not only with a song but bringing people together to learn about our organization.  It was very meaningful.”

Johanna Flores
(Working Woman Coordinator, Hour Children)

“I don’t know if words can express the emotion I felt hearing this song (you wrote for us, based on my life story). It literally brought tears streaming down my face as I could hear the emotion I felt through your voices. The whole night was amazing. It was such a beautiful way to show the work of Hour Children. Thank you!”

Kellie Phelan
(Program Coordinator Hour Children)

“Thank you for Sunday! It was a wonderful event, bringing attention to Hour Children while offering terrific music to everyone present! And what a variety! Thank you.”

Michael Minard
Musical Artist (Facilitator, Rehabilitation Through the Arts)

“What a wonderful evening last night… inspiring…the courage and honesty of the two women from Hour Children….everyone around me was touched.  And then the performances….I could have listened all night.”

Priscilla Whitley
(Journalist, The Record Review)

“Thank you so much for involving me in the event! It was an honor and a privilege to share the stage with such talent and for such a wonderful cause.  You’re fabulous!”

Amber Lewis
(SfC performer)

“We really enjoyed it. You are such a generous and talented person and I’ve already spoken to someone at Hour Children about volunteering.”

Denise Saul
(S4C audience member)

“It was a wonderful event led by 3 original artists (each with distinct voices & messages) who were terrific. I was happy to be there.., a late afternoon well spent for a worthy cause.”

Barbara Locke
(S4C audience member)


You can learn more about our work at>


S4C Coffee House Image

In the works is the Songs for a Cause Coffeehouse, a monthly musical gathering designed to build community, raise social awareness, and bring a big dose of fun to Chappaqua! Local artists of all ages are invited to come share their original songs, and enjoy the stellar sounds of our featured performers. A percentage of  purchases will go to benefit local organizations working on behalf of women and children. So please stay tuned for more on our uplifting and do-gooding evening of sustenance and song!

Also in the works is Artists for a Cause, an idea lab that brings together Westchester County performing artists and arts advocates, to explore, develop, and collaborate on innovative and impactful ways of using the arts to inspire positive social change.

Hope Sings

logos.songsFounded by Beth Blatt, Hope Sings harnesses the power of song and story to inspire, empower, and connect women and children around the world.

We believe in putting the power of story back into popular song while supporting the women and children whose stories we tell. To that end, Hope Sings invites artists from around the world to write and record songs inspired by the true stories of women whose lives have been changed in significant ways by our charity partners; organizations like Kiva, FINCA, ACCION, Hour Children, Girls, Inc. Westchester, and Microplace. We work to create a virtuous circle for Causes, Creatives, Companies, and Customers whereby everyone benefits through these artistic efforts. Phase I of Hope Sings focused on women’s stories of success around microfinance, small loans that change lives in big ways. We have since broadened our mission to include work with organizations benefitting women and children both locally (NYC area) and abroad. You can hear some of Hope Sings’ songs here, and the anthem for UN Women here.

“Elizabeth Kemler is a passionate and talented educator, curriculum developer and author. She is always a pleasure to work with. Her collaborative, detail-oriented and responsive interactions ensure timely delivery of project milestones and successful implementation of newly created curriculum materials.”

Amanda Lynne Smith Dean of Curriculum at Ultimate Medical Academy

“Key to her success in the communication field is the fact that Elizabeth is a superb communicator in her own right. Our students consistently reported that she provides a clear sense of both how skills can be improved and why they are important in both school and work. She has always worked well with faculty and brings passion and idealism to everything she does.”

John Osburn Associate Director of CONNECT at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

“Working with Elizabeth has always been inspiring. The most enduring quality I have come to appreciate about her is her resiliency – a determination and willingness to return to the project, curriculum, or situation in order to more fully manifest the intentions and goals originally articulated. At the same time, she is capable of adapting, re-evaluating, and transforming a set of intentions to more fully meet the needs of those being served.”

Eliza Ladd Theater Professor & TBLS Trainer

“I saw a dramatic improvement in the quality of both my presentation skills and content in a remarkably short period of time. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough.”

Thomas Zweifel CEO, Swiss Consulting Group & Professor, Columbia University

“I’d recommend Elizabeth to any company looking to improve the performance of their staff when it counts most – first impressions in front of customers, potential customers or investors!”

Todd Wiseman Senior Director of Sales & Business Development, KAYGEN